Listening to and understanding girls with ADD/ADHD

    Hello, my name is Carly, I'm 12 years old (13 now!), and I have ADD.  I'm a Girl Scout and I'm doing this for my Bronze Award project. The reason I chose this, is to allow girls with ADD and AD/HD to talk about things such as, what you wish your parents, teacher, or friends knew about how it feels to have ADD/ADHD or just what you want to say.  On this site you will see:

For girls:  What do you want your parents, teacher and friends to know about you ADHD/ADD?

For Girl Scouts:  Tell what Badges, Try-its, IPAs, or Patches might be a little harder and what you want your leader to know.

Also, my mom will talk about what your parents or GS leader should know on the "for parents" and "for GS leaders" pages.

NEW: My friend and I worked on this survey about how women are portrayed in the media!  Please fill out our survey!  Thank You!

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